Hear Me See Me PodcastHear Me, See Me Podcast with Liz McKeon & Susanne Post of Shear Haven Domestic Abuse Training.
Liz McKeon is an internationally renowned Salon Business Expert, bestselling author, speaker, business coach and trainer. After spending her early career building and successfully exiting beauty businesses, Liz has been the ‘go to’ business growth expert for over a decade, helping to transform her clients business and lives.
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Beauty Means Business RadioBy Nikki & April Dominguez – real raw conversations on overcoming failure, challenges, and the sacrifices made by barbers, hair dressers and make up artist. Susanne, the YWCA and Barbicide are working to eliminate the stigma around the conversation, expand awareness and invite knowledge and education to our society, their first step: the beauty professional. Susanne’s goal is to change legislation so that continuing education curriculum must include domestic violence education. An initiative that is shockingly under-addressed.Listen Now
Volume Up by The TeaseOn this episode with The Tease, they continue their mental health campaign by starting off Mental Health Awareness month with our Shear Haven co-founder and stylist, Susanne Post.Listen Now
What Matters MostA deep, heart-opening conversation with Shear Haven co-founder Susanne Post on domestic abuse and the beautiful organization, Shear Haven‘s efforts to educate, enlighten, and free victims around the world. This topic is very close to my heart and Susanne is so inspiring and authentic here sharing a profound wellspring of wisdom on a highly complex and difficult topic.Listen Now
Grow My Salon BusinessIn this episode Shear Haven co-founder Susanne Post and host Antony Whitaker discuss:
What exactly is domestic violence and who does it affect? How do you recognise the signs of domestic violence? The impact that Covid has had on domestic violence. The free training program that is now available to hairdressers globally to help them recognise the issues around domestic violence. And lots more!
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The Doctors TVWhen hair stylist and domestic violence survivor Susanne heard about an Illinois bill that would require stylists to get training to spot signs of domestic violence she decided to see if she could do the same in her home state of Tennessee. Susanne shares there is now a free 25-minute online training that is available to anyone. Tennessee’s YWCA president Sharon K. Roberson shares how teaming up with Susanne has been a change for the good.Watch Now
American Dream TV: Selling Nashville | Lacey NewmanFollow along as Lacey Newman of the Heard Newman Team at COMPASS Real Estate interviews her friend and hairstylist Susanne Post on her initiative to combat domestic violence with Barbicide and the YWCA.Watch Now
Liz McKeon, Shear Haven’s UK AmbassadorMeet our UK/Ireland ambassador, Liz McKeon! Over the past two years, Liz and her team have helped spread the Shear Haven Training internationally. Since the start of our partnership, we have been able to reach 150 countries! Watch Now
Shear Haven 2 Year AnniversaryTune in to this interview with BARBICDE and co-founder @susannespost as they discuss the Shear Haven growth over the past two years and what’s to come next in 2023!Watch Now
Reaching Thousands Around the GlobeJoin Shear Haven co-founder and BARBICIDE to learn how the Shear Haven Domestic Violence Training has spread awareness to thousands of beauty professionals across the globe.Watch Now
2020 Launch into the Professional Beauty IndustryListen to Shear Haven co-founder Susanne as she discusses the launch of Domestic Violence training in partnership with BARBICIDE within the Professional Beauty Industry in October 2020.Watch Now

Susanne Post – Speaking Engagements

World Mental Health Day Panel Discussion October 2023Conversations about mental health are vital. They educate, raise awareness and dispel outdated preconceptions. They also share experience and strategies that can help others. Join our co-founder @susannespost @lizmckeonbizliz @hayley_snishko and Deborah King and listen as each one of the panelists and their charities bring a unique perspective to this conversation. Hosted by Skin Therapist and Industry Advocate, @candicegardner.Listen Now
Red Letter Day 2021Rita Mitchell and Susanne Post: In 2017 Susanne Post partnered with the YWCA Middle Tennessee to create the initiative, Shear Haven, which educates beauty professionals about the signs of domestic violence and how to respond. Under the YWCA leadership of President Rita Mitchell, In 2020, they teamed with salon safety leader, Barbicide, to offer the Shear Haven training online.Listen Now